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Graduate Engineer (University of Applied Sciences)
Oliver Liebel:

Linux Enterprise Expert with over 27 years of professional experience.

Working as IT-Trainer, reference book author, consultant, System Architect and project manager since many years for renowned companies, international corporations and institutions at state and federal level.

Official Partner of  Red Hat and SUSE,
Certified by the Linux Professional Institute.


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Study of electrical engineering, focussed on IT / data processing, degree in engineering (University of Applied Sciences) 1993 at Märkische Fachhochschule Hagen.
Freelancer since 1999

Over 27 years work experience as (Leading) IT administrator for Small, medium and large Scale Corporations (Linux, Windows, Netware).

Over 21 years (more than 4,000 training / consulting days) experience in design and implementation of training courses, workshops and High-Level consultations for Customers from various Areas. Focus: Linux Enterprise Applications.

Design and implementation of highly specialized workshops and Training Courses in Linux and Unix Enterprise segment (2nd / 3rd level)

Creation of system documentation and training materials for seminars and workshops of various seminar providers.

Numerous training and consulting activities in Linux enterprise space for large and medium enterprises, large industry, International acting banking corporations, Communities/cities, and for institutions of local-, state- and federal- levels as well as federal, international operating corporations: electronics and defense industries, aerospace engineering and military sector.

Since 2004: Linux Professional Institute certification




March 2006: Reference Book „OpenLDAP" (Galileo-Press, ISBN-13: 978-3898427623): Implementation of X.500-Directory Services with Linux-/OpenLDAP.


February 2009:  Reworked Extended Version of the Reference Book "OpenLDAP": „OpenLDAP 2.4“, 560 Pages, Galileo-Press, ISBN-13: 978-3836211987 [German language only]


November 2010: Reference Book „Linux-Hochverfügbarkeit (High Availability)" Galileo-Press, 450 Pages, ISBN-13: 978-3836213394): High-Available Linux-Systems (Raid, (C)LVM, DRBD, Corosync/Pacemaker Cluster, Virtualization inside HA Cluster Environments and much more)  
[German language only]


September 2013: Second remastered and extended Edition of „Linux-Hochverfügbarkeit (High Availability) " (Galileo-Press, 840 Pages, ISBN-13: 978-3836225427) HA- Linux-Systems (BTRFS, Raid, LVM, DRBD 9.0, CMAN|Corosync/Pacemaker-Cluster, Distributed Storage Cluster with  Ceph und GlusterFS, Open-Source-Storage-Cluster as Backends for vSphere/ESXi, Virtualization inside Cluster  Environments and much more)
[German language only]  



New Publications:

"Skalierbare Container Infrastrukturen"
Rheinwerk-Verlag, 04/2017,
1.071 Pages.
ISBN-13: 978-3836243667

Scalable Container Infrastructures

[German language only]  

Scalable Container Infrastructures,
2nd, extended and remastered Edition (10/2018 )

Oliver Liebel  

Rheinwerk Verlag,  10/2018

 1.380 Pages.


Skalierbare Container Infrastrukturen, 2.Auflage

[German language only]  

Scalable Container Infrastructures,
 Edition 2019 (Kindle e-Book)
Oliver Liebel 2019

Release Date:
May 2019,
More than 1,700 Pages
Publisher: Amazon KDP, ISBN

Scalable Container Infrastructures Edition 2019

Cover pictures: shutterstock515384434, shutterstock1253666746, licensed 12/2018


Scalable Container Infrastructures,
3rd remastered Edition (12/2020)

Oliver Liebel

Rheinwerk Verlag,  18.12.2020
1.254 Seiten, gebunden.
ISBN 978-3-8362-7772-3


Skalierbare Container Infrastrukturen, 3. deutsche Auflage

[German language only]  


Projects (excerpts):

Co-Worker to Andrew Bartlett on Samba 4 - Project: OpenLDAP backend interface, multi-master replication, online configuration, automated Provisioning/Setup Configuration.

Lots of mid-range Corporations: Conceptual Design and Development of architectures for Container Infrastructures. Development and implementation of concepts for highly scalable and highly available OpenLDAP directory service systems, High Available Application & Storage Cluster Systems in Testing- and Production Environments

International operating telecom providers: development and implementation of concepts for highly scalable and highly available OpenLDAP directory service systems, Implementation in Testing- and Production Environments. Conceptual Design and Development of architectures for Container Infrastructures.

International operating corporations - electronics and defense industry, aerospace engineering and military: Conceptual Design, Development and Implementiation of architectures for Container Cluster Infrastructures, highly available OpenLDAP / Samba / HA (Storage) cluster, implementation in Testing- and production environments.

(Investment-)Banking Sector: Analysis and optimization of existing Linux backbone infrastructures (OpenLDAP / Samba / HA clustering, scale-out storage cluster) in Testing- and Production Environments. Conceptual Design and Development of architectures for Container Infrastructures.

Film and media, University Hospitals / Health Care Institutions: Conception of massively scalable multi-tier SDS / software Defined Storage architectures with Ceph.

Municipal data centers: High-availability loadbalancer frontends for web server clusters, architecture, conception, project development, implementation.

Institutions and centers on state and federal levels:  design, conception and implementation of highly available and highly scalable OpenLDAP / Samba4- / HA storage cluster structures, Scale Out Storage Cluster in Testing- and  Production Environments, Conceptual Design and Development of architectures for Container Infrastructures.


Skills (Excerpts in alphabetical Order)

  • Active Directory Integration via SSSD
  • Backup/Disaster-Recovery Strategies
  • Ceph / SDS (Publications 2013,2019)
  • Consulting
  • Container Cluster (Publications 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020)
  • Datacenter Architecture
  • Directory Services
  • Docker / CRI-O
  • Documentation
  • HA- und SDS- Cluster (Publications 2010, 2013)
  • Kerberos
  • Konzeptionierung / Optimierung von Systemarchitekturen
  • Kubernetes (Publications 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020)
  • Migration
  • NFS
  • OpenLDAP (Publications 2006, 2009)
  • OpenShift (Publications 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020)
  • Project Management
  • Samba 4
  • SSSD
  • System-security
  • System-architectures
  • System-analysis und optimization
  • Virtualization



Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Liebel - it concepts Liebel (c) 2020

Photo with friendly permission of GFU Cyrus AG Cologne 01/2020


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