Workshops and Consulting on:

Scalable Container-Cluster-Infrastructures (Docker|CRIO, Kubernetes, OpenShift),
Linux-HA Cluster, Storage-Cluster-,  Software-Defined Storage (SDS)
and Directory Services,
- from the Linux-Enterprise-Expert und Reference-Book-Author.

Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Liebel - it concepts Liebel (c) 2020


Graduate Engineer  (University of Applied Sciences) Oliver Liebel

 Linux Enterprise Expert with over 26 years of professional experience.

 Oliver Liebel is a LPI-certified Linux Enterprise expert and graduated engineer (university of applied sciences).
 He is official partner of Red Hat and SUSE and
 works for more than 26 IT-related years as a lecturer, author, consultant,
 system architect and project manager.

 His customers are well-known companies, international operating corporations
  (among others: Banking Groups, Aerospace engineering, Military sector, Defense industry,
 Electronics, Telecommunications, Movie industry) as well as national and federal institutions.

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Photo with friendly permission of GFU Cyrus AG Cologne 01/2020

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